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FLUOROCONSULTANTS GROUP serves companies worldwide in a variety of areas including consulting, manufacturing and sourcing fluoropolymer, high performance plastics and metal parts globally including from the USA, Europe and Asia. Our company specializes in bringing complete solutions to the industries that process or use fluoropolymers and select other thermoplastics. Whether you need help with part or process design, process optimization and troubleshooting, analysis of a part failure, sourcing parts, expert witness service, patent assistance, or you wish to grow your business, we are ready to help you. 

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Our consultants are veterans of fluoropolymer industries, each with decades of experience, ready to help you succeed in your business. We have expertise in processing of all commercial fluoropolymers such as PFA, ETFE, FEP, PTFE, or fluoropolymer dispersions. Contact us with your questions.

For decades almost all fluoropolymers have been recycled after many uses because of their high values. 

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Our Mission at FluoroConsultants is:

to help industries successfully process, fabricate and use fluoropolymers components and coatings.  We believe that fluoropolymers can be safely utilized in environmentally responsible ways to enhance the lives of people.

We are proud members of the Fluoropolymers Division of Society of Plastics Industry:

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